[Tushy.com] 2015-12-14 Allie Haze - Cheating Wife loves Anal [2015 г., Anal,Brunette,Hardcore,Lingerie] [3000x2000, 110 фото]

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Сайт: Tushy.com
Жанр: Anal,Brunette,Hardcore,Lingerie
Количество фото: 110
Разрешение: 3000x2000

Описание: Beautiful Allie’s husband is out of town and she is home alone, in sexy lingerie, and ready and waiting for her hot British lover. When he arrives, he can’t keep his hands off her. She can’t wait to get his cock in her mouth and run her tongue up and down his shaft, taking every inch down her throat until she can hardly breath. When he fucks her pussy, he makes sure he gets as far in as he possibly can, making her cum loudly. When he asks to fuck her ass, she practically begs him to. She can hardly catch her breath as he fucks her, taking it slow at first, before slamming his dick into her fast. She fingers her pussyhole as he fucks her butthole from behind, making her ass cum! Finally he spoons her, making her cum one last time - and again! Once she can cum no more, he showers her sexy face with his cum.
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