L'insegnante viene a casa / Учительница на дому (Michele Massimo Tarantini, Devon Film, Medusa Distribuzione, Les Films Jacques Leitienne) [1978 г., Comedy, BDRip]

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L'insegnante viene a casa / Учительница на дому

Год производства: 1978 г.
Страна: Italy | France
Жанр: Comedy
Продолжительность: 01.28.04
Язык: Английский, итальянский, субтитры английские

Режиссер: Michele Massimo Tarantini
Студия: Devon Film, Medusa Distribuzione, Les Films Jacques Leitienne

В ролях: Edwige Fenech ... Luisa De Dominicis
Renzo Montagnani ... Ferdinando Bonci Marinotti
Alvaro Vitali ... Ottavio - Amedeo's son
Marco Gelardini ... Marcello Busatti
Carlo Sposito ... Colonnello Marullo
Gisella Sofio ... Teresa Busatti - Marcello's mother
Clara Colosimo ... Marullo's Wife
Lucio Montanaro ... Roberto - Marullo's son
Jacques Stany ... Ferdinando's Assistant
Gianfranco Barra ... Dottor Busatti - Marcello's father
Lino Banfi Lino Banfi ... Amedeo
Ria De Simone ... sig.ra Bonci Marinotti
Mirella Baiocco ... Marullo's Daughter
Milly Corinaldi ... The Wife of Ferdinando's Assistant
Adriana Facchetti ... The Servant in Busatti's home

Описание: Luisa De Dominicus is a Milanese piano teacher who moves to Lucca to be with the man she loves: Ferdinando 'Bonci' Marinotti, a city councilman campaigning for mayor on a platform of moral values. She is of the belief that Fernando is single, living with his ailing mother. This, of course, is far from the case.
The boys living in her apartment building mistakenly believe Luisa is a call-girl who uses piano teaching as a cover for her true profession, and word soon spreads among the building's dirty old men. The resourceful boys drill a well-concealed hole in the wall between Signorina Luisa's flat and the bedroom of the landlord's son, Marcello Busatti, allowing them a spectacular view of their spectacular neighbor.
Marcello quickly becomes infatuated with Luisa, but is also conflicted regarding her supposed profession. Eventually Luisa learns of Fernando's philandering nature, and after a vigorous misunderstanding, satisfies Marcello's unrequited lust/love

Доп. информация: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077738/

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