Lusting Hours / Часы страсти (John Amero, Lem Amero) [1967 г., Drama, DVDRip]

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Lusting Hours / Часы страсти

Год производства: 1967 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Drama
Продолжительность: 01.10.00
Язык: Английский

Режиссер: John Amero, Lem Amero
В ролях: Roberta Findlay ... Prostitute / Street Girl / Call Girl / Voices (as Anna Riva)
Michael Findlay ... Partygoer / Call Girl's Client / Voices (as Julien Marsh)
Jean Reynolds ... Prostitute
Jim Stanton ... Muscleman
Vi Lean ... Rich Lady
Steve Roule ... Bathroom John (as Harrison Carroll)
Cindy Freemont ... Stripper
Janet Banzet ... Lesbian Model (as Kay Rice)
Sheila Britt ... Lesbian Model (as Lena Lamont)
Ron Skideri ... Male Hustler (as Don Lockwood)
Fay Howard ... Madame
Satch Gould
Lem Amero ... Narrator / Photographer / Male Hustler's Girlfriend (as Gun Gun Sharper)

Описание: Presented as an inquiry into the ways of lust, this film is staged as a documentary. It moves from rural prostitution (the roadhouse) to pornographers, then on to streetwalkers, male hustlers, and high-class call girls. The madam runs the bordello, she depends on the photographer to supply her with pornography; he's in the city, using his camera to lead him into depravity. The streetwalkers risk arrest from the cops and abuse from the johns. Even the call girls have a tough time: from their expenses to their lack of self-reflection. Their motto: "Live fast, die young, and make a beautiful corpse."

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