[Assylum.com] Maria Jade - Tinderella 2: back on your knees! [2019, BDSM, Anal, 1080p]

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Tinderella 2: back on your knees!

With: Maria Jade

Categories: Ass to mouth, Asslicking, Cum in wrong places, Cum swallow, Face fucking, kicking, Licking cum from feet, Nasty cum play, Rimjobs, Rough oral, Ass worship, Bondage, Crying, Dehumanization, Face slapping, Foot worship, Frozen cum bukkake, gagging, Nasty slop, Punishment, Shoe worship, Big ass, Brunette

Video Description: Kinky apple-bottomed Maria Jade gets back on her knees for a second round as Dr. Mercies' frustration object. Her ass is shot after round 1, so Dr. Mercies fucks her face extra rudely. He takes especial sadistic pleasure in gagging her with his foot after rubbing it in frozen cum so that he can watch her cry while drooling the cum all over herself. He fucks her pussy doggie-style with his belt wrapped tightly around her neck too. Then he cums in her mouth and makes her drool it into her glass slipper. Finally, she fulfills her purpose by eating the cum from her ass. This is a mean, degrading session, but be sure to check out the interview at the end. Maria needs this from time to time. Sometimes mean is nice.

Duration: 00:18:12

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