[Assylum.com] Anastasia Rose & Maria Jade - 1950s 2: The Painal [2019, anal, bdsm, 1080p]

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Featuring: Anastasia Rose, Maria Jade

Video Description: The previous 1950s session went off track, due to an unexpected event. We finished that session in the bathroom, took a break, and then decided that Maria needed to be punished for what happened previously. So we did a whole additional session, with Dr. Mercies brutally pounding Anastasia's ass and making Maria clean his cock over and over and over again. Anastasia got it really rough here--she even got her feet caned in the midst of her painal--but it was all for a good cause. There's also plenty of piss in this session. Some really hot, action here. Sure, it's ropelay; but it's also a spontaenous, authentic BDSM scene at the same time. Others fake it; we make it.

Duration: 00:39:12

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