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Имя актрисы: Aarora Fire
Название ролика: 23 Years Old
Подсайт и сайт: ExploitedCollegeGirls.com

Год производства: 2021
Жанр: All Sex
Продолжительность: 01:49:15

Who’s five foot two with eyes of blue and is the most “On Fire” heavenly celestial body? Meet our 23 year old Ex*!%@t of the day AA-Rora. Inside joke everyone. She’ll get it and this girl IS ON FIRE. She’s also engaged and has the green light to suck a stranger’s dick and spread her starship wings wide for our man Tyler Nixon, who by the way just couldn’t get over how tight and good her pussy was today. So if you like live under a rock or something, then you’re probably not to up-to-date on major porn events because this newbie’s fresh-as-fuck off the Backroom casting couch were the boys over there took her for a little Sit & Spin of their own, and like Tyler today just couldn’t stop talking about this girl's tight box. “This is some damn good pussy,” Tyler kept saying and said more than 5, but less than a dozen times today. Fuuuuuuck is right, and this movie is again as long as a major motion picture and like a full major production this movie is pussy packed full of vibrating action, which includes 2 orgasms today from our starlet. TWO!? “Fuck Steve that’s nothing,” I hear all of you saying. Well if all of you would have listened to the interview and not gone stampeding towards the clitoris then you would have heard our beautiful naturally colored redhead state it’s extremely hard to make her cum and I have one word for all of you… The Sybian. Ok that’s two words. But do I need to say more? Hell no and to be honest I have no fucking clue why it took me so long to reintroduce it as a main staple in our arsenal of toys. I just love this device and so does AA-Rora, which by the way made our little unsuspecting Ex*!%@t’s clits gush with cum within mere minutes of it’s reveal. You’re welcome honey and Yes I’d say today’s debauchery, which included all the fun as fuck shit listed above, as Fiance approved. Yea we even allowed our little redhead to take a few home movies on her iPhone to show her man just how good his little girl obeyed every command to suck and rim a stranger’s asshole was. My dick’s getting hard just thinking about it. It’s that good of a scene. So fuck me already and go watch this hottie who’s beautiful red mane of hair, which matches the carpet by the way, suck and fuck her way along some strange dick for her man.
Enjoy, Steve.

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