[PissingInAction.net / Tainster.com] Ferrera Gomez - Interviewing Under Golden Showers [SiteRip/720p/17.10.2014 г.,Brunette,Tatu,Shaved Pussy,Piercing,Natural Tits,Medium Tits,Stockings,High Heels,All Sex,Oral,Cumshot,Pissing]

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Ferrera Gomez - Interviewing Under Golden Showers

Имя актрисы: Ferrera Gomez
Название ролика: Interviewing Under Golden Showers
Подсайт и сайт: PissingInAction.net / Tainster.com

Год производства: 17.10.2014 г.
Жанр:Brunette,Tatu,Shaved Pussy,Piercing,Natural Tits,Medium Tits,Stockings,High Heels,All Sex,Oral,Cumshot,Pissing

Описание: Ferrera Gomez is looking lovely and sweet in her dress, and today she's trying her best to remain professional as she interviews a guy for some important position. However, he's not much of an orator but has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, including the very bold move of pulling his dick out and pissing all over her! Highly unorthodox, indeed, but Ferrera's classy exterior is all just a front for her true inner freak, so she gladly returns the favor by spreading her legs over him and letting the piss flow! From there this dirty duo takes the interview to hardcore places, going at it on the piss soaked couch and keeping the golden showers going, with Ferrera getting on her hands and knees like a good little piss slut and happily taking a piss-down! Soaked, pounded, and loving it, this cutie babe is an absolute freak and proud of it!

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