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With our parade of drop-dead gorgeous girl after girl hellbent on using every imaginable variety of sexy shoe, boot and footwear you'll will be hard pressed to find a more visually stunning collection of shoejob and bootjob videos anywhere. Brilliant POV angles, amazing close ups of mouth watering heels, trainers, sandals, boots used just the right way will have you feeling like you're right there in the room with the soles of these amazing girls working you over like never before. Love intense close ups? You'll be pleased. You like it rough? Oh yes, we've got some of that. You like it slow and sensuous? We have plenty that will scratch that itch. There is nothing quite like looking up at the face of beautiful woman and seeing in her eyes that she enjoys pleasing you with her shoes & boots just as much as you do

Regina Moon, Alyssa Reece, Lily Fatale, Mistress T, Nomy Malone, Terra Bond, Pearl Diamond, Ariel Black, Princess Ami, Mistress Yuliya Kate, Mistress Sara Akeera, Jessica Inamorata, Jennifer Inamorata and many more mouthwatering giantess goddesses.

Cum On Command
Cum Under My Shoe
Fucked With Her Pink Shoes
Fucking You With My Shoe
I Own Your Cock
I Want Every Last Drop!
I Want To See You Cum
Pump Your Cum Out

Год производства: 2012-2013 г.
Страна: EU
Жанр: footfetish, high heels, bootjob, shoejob, blowjob
Сайт: clips4sale.com/47639 http://clips4sale.com/47639
Видео: WMV Video 1280x720 3942kbps
Аудио: AAC 44000Hz stereo 189kbps
Cum On Command
Do you enjoy the company of a strong woman? One who can't help but take control and has to have things her way? Someone who takes pleasure in making men bend to her will? For your sake you better hope that you like this kind of girl because you're are naked and helpless and literally under my heel in the most vulnerable way. I may be a petite little thing but these we worn heels have brought bigger stronger men than you to tears so I suggest you listen very closely to every word I say and obey me without question. If feel like spitting on you, calling you names and humiliating you take it. If I decide to be rough and stand on your cock you take it. And when I command you to cum you goddamn well better blow all over my pretty little shoes or I will be forced to get them wet with another of your bodily fluids after I put my heel through your balls. But do not fear, I will give a little help getting there before I make my demands. I put on this sexy little pink dress and these hot slutty heels for nothing. I am going to give you one hell of a show my little footslave. And one delicious shoejob. In fact cumming to quickly might be a problem for you but I highly recommend that you don't. Because if you do I'll wreck you and make sure you never cum again. Just be a good little bitch and ONLY cum when I say so and everything will be just fine. c4s.com

Cum Under My Shoe
I love cock. I guess you could say its kind of an obsession of mine. I love to give handjobs, I love to suck and of course I absolutely love getting fucked. But what I like most of all is to get a man trapped under my board, naked, helpless with his cock at my feet. I enjoy the look in his eyes as he stares at my sexy blavk heels. Sometimes I torture him by teasing his cock with my hands and my mouth, I like him to be nice and hard and making him wait for what he really wants always does the trick...and believe me, my lovely high heels are well worth the wait. He finds that out when I use them to stroke his rock hard cock until he explodes. clips4sale.com

Fucked With Her Pink Shoes
Do you love my pretty little shoes? What is it that you love about them most? Is it the steep arch? The long pointy heels? Is it the girly pink bows? Perhaps the way my perfect toes peek out at you. Or is it the beautiful feet they're on, that are attached to these long tanned legs that tower over you? Oh there's no doubt that all of these things help make you hard, but we both know what you love most about my pretty pink shoes...it's the way I expertly use them to stroke your cock that makes your heart skip a beat. When I press down on you with the sole of one of these shoes you're going to beg for more. And when I start to work my shoe up and down your shaft you're going think you've died and gone to heaven. How long do you think you're going to be able to gaze up at me while you fuck my little pink shoes? You can try to last of you want but I guarantee...you can't. clips4sale.com

Fucking You With My Shoes
You just can't get enough of me can you. Since we last met and I fucked your cock with my pick shoes I know you've not been able to think about anything else. How many nights have you laid awake playing it in your mind over and over again? Trying desperately to remember the sensation of the sole of my sexy high heels stroking your hard cock. Well you're in luck, I've come back and this time I'm going to strip down to my hot little bra and panties and use this pair of sexy open toe white heels to ravish you once again. I am going to make you cum so hard that never be the same. You're a very lucky boy, every day there are men who beg me for this on their hands and knees....what can I say, for some reason I just thoroughly enjoy fucking you with my shoes. clips4sale.com

I Own Your Cock
It's rare that you are lucky enough in life to find a girl like me. You see I'm as kinky as they come and when the activities of the evening involve anything to do with laying you out on your back and marching back and forth across your naked squirming body in my boots you are in for a real treat. "Why?" you ask. "What makes you different than other girls?"...the difference is that I damn well love it as much as you do. I'm not just some reluctant participant dolling out a bootjob to please her boy or to male a buck. I absolutely love dishing out rough punishment to a hard cock. But don't take my word for it c4s.com

Every Last Drop
Sometimes men crave something different, something novel, something exotic. These are them men who come to me. They don't care that my English is not so good. They like that I am different, not like the girls of their country. They want so badly to be under the heel of of a dark and mysterious girl like me. Maybe it is the unknown they like? Not knowing for certain if I will leave their cocks crushed and broken while I empty their wallets and disappear in the cold dark Romanian night. Or perhaps they have heard about me through the whispers and winks that take place among the sex tourists. You see I have quite the reputation...any man who finds himself laid out naked as day he was born n my floor can be certain of three things; he will be treated to the sexiest black heels he's ever had on his cock, he will be very very sore and satisfied when it's all over and I will not quit until I get every last drop. clips4sale.com

I Want To See You Cum
I intimidate men. It's true, they see my tattoos, my rock hard drop gorgeous body and the cocky tough way I carry myself and they become stuttering stammering little boys around me. But you're different, you're not afraid of me. Even when I have you in the most vulnerable position imaginable, naked with your cock under the heel of my shoe. You're either completely crazy or you're one who loves a strong woman. I've worked the most seedy dangerous bars and clubs and I've broken many men who were foolish enough to tangle with me. If I chose to I could hurt you in ways you'd never recover from and I wouldn't lose a wink of beauty sleep over it. Fortunately for you I don't want to do that. I just want to have my way with your cock using my sexy red shoes. I just want to see you cum. Of course that could all change on a whim but I think that's part of what makes you desire a girl like me. You know I'm dangerous, you know I'm bad, and yet you're willing to take the risk just to experience this rough and tumble sex fiend of a chick. Just a word of advice, when I'm looking down into your eyes while my shoes stroke your cock and I whisper in my mouthwatering French accent "cum for me" I suggest you obey...because if I don't get to see you cum I'm going to have to satisfy myself somehow. In the end the only thing for certain is that this little board will be covered with some form of your sticky hot bodily fluid. clips4sale.com
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Pump Your Cum Out
I lure men. I've done it since I was a young girl and I have never been able to stop. You see I have certain appetites and very specific needs and for me there is no other way to satisfy them. Would you like to hear my modus operandi? Okay I'll tell you. It starts with choosing just the right outfit, something sexy that shows off my firm tight ass and my perfect tits is a must, but most importantly I want my prey to be turned on by my long tanned legs and mouthwatering footwear. When he looks at me I want him to imagine running his hands across my smooth skin beginning at my thigh and slowly making his way down to my shoes. I want his so turned on that when I tell him to take his clothes off he will obey without question, and when I tell him to lie on his back he won't hesitate. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me go on with how I spin my web. After selecting the right outfit I set out in the city for a leisurely walk. It never takes very long before I catch a man checking me out. If he's alone and if I decide he's the one I smile at him and before I know it he is at my side, asking me for my number and telling me how beautiful I am. When I lean in close and whisper in his ear something like "You can come home with me right now if you promise to be a good boy and do exactly as I say." they are always left speechless. When I get them back to my flat I tell them to sit and I ask them if they have any fetishes. Most times they do not and are usually very vanilla in the boudoir. This is good. But why you wonder? Because I want to be his first. Nothing get's me hotter than when I have him naked on his back staring up with me in disbelief and puzzled because he doesn't know what to expect next. This fellow has never had a shoejob, he's probably never even heard of one before, so when I start to work on his cock with my sexy high heel it's all completely new to him. And when he finds himself rock hard and getting more and more turned on with every stroke of the sole of my shoe against the sort head and sensitive underbelly of his penis. He may not have understood the appeal of shoe-worship and shoejobs before but he will after I'm finished with him. And when I make him cum like he never has before and press on his balls and cock with my high heel until every last drop of hot cum is squeezed out all over him he won't be able to walk by a women's shoe store without remembering this day. Some women seek out men with the necessary fetishes to fulfill their desires...I find the man and then create the fetish. clips4sale.com
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