La maison des filles perdues / Дом заблудших девушек (Pierre Chevalier (as Peter Knight), C.R.C. Productions, Eurocine) [1974 г., Thriller, Erotic, DVDRip]

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La maison des filles perdues / Дом заблудших девушек

Год производства: 1974 г.
Страна: France / Italy
Жанр: Thriller, Erotic
Продолжительность: 01.21.07
Язык: Французский

Режиссер: Pierre Chevalier (as Peter Knight)
Студия: C.R.C. Productions, Eurocine

В ролях: Sandra Julien, Silvia Solar, Magda Mundari, Olivier Mathot, Evelyne Scott, Gillian Gill, Raymond Schettino, Gilda Arancio, Antonia Lotito, Catherine Laurent, Jack Taylor, Jean Roville, Claude Boisson, Johnny Wessler, Mario Santini

Описание: —A gang of while slavers forces women into prostitution.
—A luxurious house stands in a deserted region, contrasting with its surroundings. It is a house of prostitution and its inmates are brought there against their will. One of them, Yvette, is helped to escape by Mr Gaston, a regular customer and she tells the story of her ordeal to the police.

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Аудио: AAC at 192 Кбит/сек 2 канала, 48,0 КГц
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